Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mondo Fine Art show

Okay, I'm very, very excited about these two!

I'm getting ready for a show with Mikell Stringham, and Mondo Fine Art. These are two of the pieces I've just finished for that show.

I think that the face of lady #2 is so pretty. I was excited to have it come out on paper. I was a little leery about keeping her topless, but I'm comfortable with her the way she is. She's quite reminiscent of my older work, which I've really been trying to reincorporate into my work. Lady #1, in my opinion, is also pretty. I'm completely content with her, and with how she's turned out. I'm trying to play around with increasing contrasts; more pure black, and bright white. I'm removing outlines from my work, meaning that I'm not defining white spaces with lines. I'm defining it, rather, with black space on lady #1's face. I've not outlined her jaw or forehead. I've defined them using her hair and her collar. I'd eventually like to completely remove outline. It make for a stronger piece, I feel. It makes a piece look more like legitimate artwork, and not just drawings or sketches.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely especially love the face of the first piece, the lips the nose the eyes. The detail in expression captures more than a person but a genre.