Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enter Canvas

I demand control over my medium, that's why I've use ink on paper. I know ink. I also feel like I understand paper. Up until now I spent most of my time with those two forms. I'm excited now, though, to have successfully made the cross-over to canvas. I've been dabbling in with the fabric for a couple of years now. I feel like I've finally nailed it! I've managed to transfer the feel and effect of my paper works over onto a cloth host. It'll be interesting to see where it takes me. This piece was very close to me. I managed to sell her at the Arts Festival, which was very bittersweet. I loved this piece, and wanted to keep her forever. *SHRUG*


  1. Sometimes those "sold" tags aren't so happy. Especially when you're a customer!

    Glad you have a blog. Look forward to more.

  2. This piece gives me an eerie sadness as if the girl, who appears to be of American Indian or even Japanese descent, is confined in a European style dress.

    I love how your work has these subtle cultural influences, while at the same time remaining clean and modern. I think it's a perfect depiction of 21st century style, a darker toned mixture of ornate and streamline, antique and modern, east and west. Keep up the good work!