Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enter Portraiture

I remember trying to illustrate one of my friends. I suppose that, by telling you that he wasn't at all amused or impressed with the likeness I'd created, you could surmise the depth of my failure in my attempt to draw from life. For some reason, my hands just refuse to allow me to draw true likenesses of people, objects, etc. Believe me, I've tried time and time again. It sounds completely presumptuous, but I have to create according to my interpretation of that individual. For this reason, I've avoided portraiture until now. I simply have to look into the individual, and try to reproduce what I, as an individual mind, see coming from the person. I can't draw them as they look. I only draw them as I feel them. I don't sounds so new-age. Take it for what it is, I guess.

This is portrait #1.....not life-like, anatomically accurate, or 3-dimensional. It's a portrait, nonetheless. This is how I see Tan, my subject.

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