Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Architecture with a twist...literally.

I know, I know...Halloween, right? I also admit it...there's such a strong Burton influence, that there's probably more him in this piece than there is me. I can't help it, I think that Tim Burton is genius.

I've been considering a branch out of fashion illustration, and whatever else it is that i've got going on in my work. Don't get me wrong...I'll never abandon my elongated, curvy figures. I thought it was time I explored something else at the same time.

One of the important aspects of work, to me, is exaggeration of prominent attributes. Architecture, for example, is typically a construct of lines...usually horizontal and vertical. I like to pull those out of the images, and cause them to do something that they can't do in real life. When I was young (heck, whatever...I still do this daily) I used to imagine myself in possession of the ability to break the laws of gravity and reality. I used to fly, stretch, teleport, change colors, etc. My mind made possible what my body could not. I guess the same rule applies in artwork. I can make happen, on paper, what I wish could happen in life.

I always wished to live in such a town.

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