Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, I've started my first commissioned piece. It's taken a little longer than I'd first anticipated. As I create, you see, I form the image in the process. I'm not one of those who already has the image in mind, and then is moved to put it on canvas. No, I'm one of those who sees a blank, white piece of canvas or paper, and feels the need to decorate it. With that frame of mind, I begin with a single line, and build from there...until it looks "right". That process can take a few hours, or it can take weeks. And, in that sense, my works never appear to be done, to me. I always see something, down the road, that needs a little modification. I have to force myself to leave a piece of work alone, once it's been officially "finished", or I'll continue to change it.

This particular piece is far from complete. I began with the figure at the left, and went building to the right. The figure in the middle still feels "wrong" to me. I've still got much work to do with her before I can call it good. The one on the right is only just in its beginnings. I've still got work to do on the face, the clothing seems wrong, and the broach needs isn't finished at all. I'm thinking of making her some sort of head-dress as well. There is still a blank spot on the right, which will house one or two more figures. I'll begin their construction soon enough. Until then, here is a picture of the unfinished work.


  1. Maybe the figure on the right could have long flowing hair that fills the entire blank space?

  2. Yes, that's what I've been thinking. Something to balance it out. I think that next time I'll stick to one style. It seems that I've got two different things going on here. There is the pale, flowy style to the left, and then the regal, more formal style to the right. Hmm, I'll figure it out somehow.